Benign Prostate Enlargment

Benign prostate enlargement occurs in most men as they age. How much it affects an individual can vary greatly.

It is typically a non-cancerous growth of the central part of the prostate. It can slow down the outflow of urine from the bladder.

This benign growth takes place in the central part of the prostate. That is why it affects urination.

This can also lead to other urinary symptoms, like frequent and urgent voiding, dribbling and needing to get up at night. This often happens very gradually.

Treatment is usually only required when it bothers a man significantly. Effective drug and behavioural treatments are available and improve symptoms for the majority of patients, minimising the need for surgery. 

In those who require surgical treatment, we have the latest minimally invasive techniques, including Urolift and Greenlight Laser. (see BPH treatment)