Benign Prostate Treatment

Men are often reluctant to seek treatment for their urinary symptoms, as they mistakenly believe it will involve an unpleasant surgical procedure. However, treatment is usually only required if you are significantly troubled with your symptoms.

In most situations, medication works very effectively for the majority of men. The drugs primarily work by relaxing the prostate and making it easier for the bladder to expel the urine.

If surgery is required, then we have the latest minimally invasive techniques available, including;


a) Urolift – this is a day procedure. A tiny device is inserted and is used to retract the prostate lobes. This procedure maintains sexual function and is reversible.


b) Greenlight laser prostatectomy – this is another minimally invasive procedure, where the enlarged prostate is vapourised with a high powered laser. Patients are often discharged the next day. This technique minimises hospital stay, bleeding and sexual dysfunction